While occasionally it can be difficult to retrace the line of thought that some casino operators deployed when they were brainstorming about the name of their fledgling venture, at other times it becomes crystal clear. That is the case with WinAsUGo Mobile Casino. Read it and understand immediately what you can expect: a casino whose games you can play while on the move, earning handsome winnings.

What else is there to say? Well, regardless whether you own a ‘normal’ mobile phone or a smartphone, as long as your device supports Java (J2ME) and has GPRS connectivity, you can enjoy WinAsUGo Mobile Casino in no time. All you need to do after signing-up by submitting the usual details (your phone no., name, etc) is downloading the casino’s proprietary (and thoroughly tested!) platform. You then have a choice between the casino’s slot machine pack (comprising a comprehensive line-up of different video slots with exciting features and progressive jackpot) or the casino-style premium combo pack, which includes a collection of different games like Roulette, Baccarat, video poker, Blackjack and of course a few slot machines. Better still, just install both packs for broadest game choice.

New customers receive a welcome bonus even without making a deposit. The bonus can of course be used with any of the games and earned winnings are yours entirely, no questions asked. If you do decide to make a deposit, you’re in for further generous match bonuses, depending on which payment processor you use. Details are available on WinAsUGo Mobile Casino’s website, where you also should check out any other promotions that are currently going on. Refer a friend as a new customer and you’re eligible to receive yet another cash bonus. And if that wasn’t enough already, join WinAsUGo Mobile casino’s loyalty club and get additional weekly bonuses, exclusive ‘happy hours’ playtime and have access to priority customer support.

In addition to using a range of credit and debit cards and several online payment processors for deposits and/or withdrawals, customers in the U.K. can even withdraw funds using British Post payout® vouchers. There is currently hardly any other mobile casino that puts that much emphasis on customer satisfaction and you can rest assured that WinAsUGo Mobile Casino’s games follow the same high standards.