Scratch ‘n Score is an instant win game that you can play with on any basic feature phone. You will find this game at All Slots Mobile Casino and other recommended mobile casino operators, which offers a wide variety of games, including slot games, poker, roulette, and a host of other popular casino games. But when it comes to simplicity, it’s hard to beat the instant win game. And it’s even harder to beat a football-themed game like Scratch ‘n Score. It’s easy, doesn’t take much time, and you can win up to fifty times the amount you bet within seconds.

How to Scratch ‘n Score

Scratch ‘n Score works like a traditional scratch card game – only better. The attractive thing about scratch card games is that you find out instantly if you have won cash. There are no complicated rules to memorize. Just scratch away and if you get a group of matching images, you win cash. Depending on the images you get, you could win a lot of cash. But, the disadvantage of scratch card games has always been that they are inconvenient and messy. They are inconvenient because when you win, you must go back to the place you bought the card in most cases to get your payout. So you really can’t play from home and get instant cash. Secondly, the games can be messy as you scratch off the covering of each picture.

Football Playing Scratch ‘n Score

Scratch ‘n Score is a scratch card game for football fans. All the images relate to the game of football. You just tap to reveal them and if you get three matches, you win. Three football jerseys awards a payout that matches the amount you bet. Cleats doubles it. The referee’s whistle give you a five- fold multiplier. Footballs in white multiply your bet by ten and in gold by twenty. The big prize is the Championship Cup which gives you a 50X multiplier. All money is paid instantly when you win. No mess, no hassles, just fun, football, and money. It seems like the All Slots Mobile Casino has scored a huge goal with the Scratch ‘n Score instant win game.