When the first video poker machines emerged, they completely changed the way this popular card game was played. Suddenly there was no longer a need for a physical deck of cards (that could be manipulated, by the way!) and bringing a group of like-minded friends together for a poker evening that could drag on until the early morning hours. A short trip to the nearest gambling hall sufficed. It became even easier with the advent of online casinos. Now you could play your favourite card game from the comfort of your own home. Sophisticated platforms ensured great graphics and smooth gameplay. You either wagered against the computer program or – thanks to Broadband Internet – joined and challenged a table of other, real-life players who in turn would be sitting at their computers somewhere in far-flung places around the world. Now, with mobile casinos having become all the rage, you can engage in a few video poker rounds from any location and at any time. WiFi and 3G Networks made it possible and meticulously designed platforms and interfaces make it viable.

Simply log on to your preferred mobile casino and select from a large variety of different poker games. Caribbean Poker seems to be particularly popular, because its rules are easy to grasp even for beginners, while American-rules poker might be better suited for more accomplished players. In any case, video poker via mobile casinos has taken off full steam and attracts more and more gamblers, which of course – as every seasoned player knows – translates into often extremely lucrative jackpots waiting to be cracked. Most casinos will cap the maximum bets permitted, though, so it’s always a good idea to first check out their particular video poker rules and see how they correspond with your risk willingness (and budget). After that it’s really just a matter of diving head-on into your preferred video poker game and see where the tide (or your “lucky finger tingle”) is going to take you.