Keno is very different from other casino games and perhaps most closely related to lottery drawings or even Bingo. The rules are simple: Players freely mark on a blank Keno sheet a set of 20 numbers between 1 and 80 (although some casinos may have rules that stipulate less than 20 numbers). Once all players have selected their number sets, the Keno machine is started. It contains a total of 80 balls (numbered 1 – 80, of course) and from these draws at random 20 balls. A computerised system compares the results with the players marked sheets and calculates each player’s winnings. Easy as pie, yet rather fast-paced and exciting. The main difference to other casino games – like Blackjack or Poker, for example – is that Keno truly is a game of sheer luck. Strategies like counting and remembering played cards are as useless as deploying “systems” that try to predict which cards, symbols or numbers are going to come up next. It is completely random. Winnings are based on how many numbers drawn match the pre-selected numbers on each player’s Keno sheet. Additionally, a paytable is used to calculate the total amount won. Paytable quotas can vary widely from casino to casino.

Having said that, Keno can be a very enjoyable and also lucrative game. The fact that 20 numbers out of a total of 80 are selected, gives quite good odds of at least hitting a few of these. Furthermore, wagers placed are generally rather small, so the risk can be kept to a minimum.

Keno is not yet very widespread in mobile casinos, although more and more are incorporating it in their game line-up. Not everybody is keen on contemplating elaborate strategies or learning comparatively complicated gameplay rules. Many players simply just want to have some fun and entertainment (and perhaps bag a few winnings) while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, commuting on the subway or train or dying of boredom during a long-haul flight. For them, Keno provides perfect distraction, and for that reason alone it can be expected that more mobile casinos will offer it in the near future.

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