The games of luck you encounter in a mobile casino are pretty similar to what you’d find in a real-life, traditional, land-based casino: all types of slots (a.k.a. “one-armed bandits”) and video poker machines, as well as the Full Monty of Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno and other classical casino games. However, there are important advantages when visiting a mobile casino. For example, you don’t need to undertake a lengthy journey to Monaco, Baden-Baden, Macau or Las Vegas. All you need is your smartphone or mobile phone and log on to your favourite mobile casino. It also is not necessary to dress in your Sunday’s best to gain access. Furthermore, mobile casinos are available around the clock and from any location, whenever you feel that familiar “lucky tickle” in your hands.

Granted, there are a few disadvantages, too. You can’t chill out at the casino bar in-between games, ordering a “Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred”, for instance. But hey, that’s a handicap that can be easily overcome by simply stepping into the next pub or bar around the corner – taking your smartphone or mobile phone with you, of course. Also, you’re not physically handling playing cards or casino chips; everything’s virtual, but that actually makes playing at a mobile casino so much easier. What is real, though, are the winnings, because they are paid out to you in hard coins and crispy notes (well, once they are credited to your account anyway). Considering all of that, mobile casinos are the perfect choice if you want to indulge in your favourite pastime.



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