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Among all casino table games, Blackjack has traditionally been the most popular one. Apart from the fact that most everybody is familiar with card decks, it just takes a few minutes to grasp the rules of this easy card game. The set-up is also relatively simple, and because of that the comparatively small screen of smartphones and normal mobile phones is of no big concern, as there are only a few cards actively in play at any given stage of the game. Furthermore, Blackjack is a rather fast – thus exciting – game, with each round rarely lasting longer than a couple of minutes.

It is particularly this speedy gameplay that many gamblers find very attractive. After all, they’re visiting their favourite mobile casino to be entertained, not to dwell on elaborate strategies and figuring out smart moves like in a game of chess, for example. Additionally, the winning odds are comparatively good, since there are only 52 cards in a Blackjack deck. While the game may not offer the gigantic winnings that are possible with some slot machines and – to a lesser degree – also roulette, amounts can accumulate nicely over time.

As all mobile casino games, Blackjack can be played anytime and everywhere, as there are of course no operating times to be observed when visiting a mobile casino. Since the rules of Blackjack are rather rigid, it doesn’t really matter which mobile casino you select for your Blackjack sessions. However, some mobile casinos have set up house rules for Blackjack, for instance a restricted maximum bet per round or limits on how many times players are allowed to split their cards. It’s therefore always best to check out these special rules before deciding on one or another mobile casino.

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