If numbers are your game, then you can count on Keno to give you plenty of fun! This is a great casino fun game to play on your feature mobile phone. After downloading it from All Slots for instance, you can play it wherever you are and at any time. Increase your number skills by selecting to play the game just for fun, or if you’re forte is in numbers, play the game for real and try to increase the numbers shown in your casino’s banking account!

Mobile KenoAbout Keno

This is a game of skill rather than expertize and strategizing. The aim is to predict where a series of twenty balls, randomly drawn for each game out of a total of eighty, will fall on a board numbered from 1 to 80.

Playing Keno

After launching the game, the Keno board displays numbered from 1 to 80. The aim here is for you to predict on which numbers a series of 20 balls fired at the board will land on. Place your bet by pressing the plus/minus button to increase or decrease the amount of your selected bet. The minimum bet you can place is 1 credit; the maximum bet is 10 credits. You now need to select from 1 to 15 numbers on the board by pressing on the number to highlight it; to deselect a number, simply press again on the highlighted number. If you want to deselect all the numbers and choose afresh, press the Clear button. You’re now set to start the balls rolling! Press Play, and a flow of 20 balls will fly out from the ball tube towards the board. When a number you selected on the board is hit by a ball, it changes colour. The game ends after all 20 balls have flown out, and you are paid out according to the number of matches you’ve succeeded to make. The payout table displays the payout according to the number of hits. The maximum payout you could receive is 10000 credits if you get hits on all 15 numbers selected on the board when you place a maximum bet.

A Mobile Keno

So turn you mobile into a Keno board and have some fun! You’re not under pressure with this game. Just try your skills on this pleasant game of trying to guess the right numbers for a bit of fun and relaxation, with the chance of winning big time.