You may be a novice poker player or an expert – or perhaps someone in between – but whatever knowledge you have about poker games won’t stop you from enjoying a great experience playing Jacks or Better video poker game at All Slots Mobile Casino. Suitable for top-of-the line smartphones or tablets, or even standard feature phones, you’ll be amazed at the enjoyment you will get from playing this fun card game wherever you are. Smartphone and tablet users access the mobile casino web site from their mobile browser, while other devices can download the game from the All Slots Mobile Casino web site.

Jacks or Better mobileIf you’re using an iPhone 4 or above, an iPad, or an Android device running version 4.x.x or higher, you will enjoy the game even more because these devices will display the game in fantastic full HD quality! The sharpness and colours will so amaze you that you’ll think you’ve stepped into a real life casino.

Playing the Game and Improving Your Strategies

On Jacks or Better, as its name implies, you just need to deal and hold the cards to create a hand that includes at least one pair of Jacks – or higher – and you’ve won! Other traditional poker hands – amstraight, flush, full house, and of course the coveted Royal Flush are also rewarded generously. You canmeven double your winnings with the game’s “double” feature!

The more you play, the better you’ll be. The game is played with a single deck of cards, shuffled prior to each game, and standard video poker rules apply. You first need to select a paytable from one to five (representing the number of coins you want to use) then select Deal to start your game and display five cards face up. Decide which cards you want to keep for the best winning hand then select Draw. That’s all there is to it – it’s your skill in deciding which cards to hold on to and which to discard that may well determine your win or loss. When you have a win, you could always use the Double feature to take a chance to double it – or possibly lose it all! The payout table displays your winnings according to the poker hand ranking. If you’re in luck and you play your cards right, you might even win the maximum payout of 4000 coins!

It’s Better to Be Mobile

So think mobile and go to All Slots Mobile Casino to keep your hand in wherever you are and whenever the mood takes you. It’s so much more fun playing Jacks or Better with outstanding, clear graphics and the experience you’ll gain may truly turn you into one of those great poker players – big time!