You’ll no doubt have heard of Sheriff Gaming as they have been around for quite a while and have produced some of the more notable casino gaming titles in the industry. The company’s history is somewhat linked to another of the big industry names, BetSoft, who you can find out all about on their dedicated page here on the site. Sheriff Gaming came to being when one of BetSoft’s founders decided to go it alone and set up his very own gaming company and you’ll notice many similarities between the two developers throughout the course of all of their online and mobile games. Perhaps the most glaring is the graphics – BetSoft set out to create a new way of viewing slots using 3D graphics and immersive styles and Sheriff went in the same direction, with the result being that their games too are highlights for any player that likes the visuals on their slot games to be top notch.

Sheriff was something of a late starter in the mobile space, having launched their first mobile slots on the Mobile Smart platform in 2013. Many competitors already had a long established base of clients and games by this point, although the fact that Sheriff works with some of the big name online casinos allowed them to catch up ground rapidly. As you’d expect from such a fledgling operation, the range of games is somewhat limited in number but it is the quality that shines through and they are definitely worth some of your mobile gaming time.

Sheriff Gaming Mobile

Sheriff Mobile Games

The highlight of any Sheriff casino is undoubtedly the selection of slots on offer. While they do see themselves as a full service provider, it is the reels where they have really been able to express their creative intentions. Their slot games are well known not just for the graphics as noted above but also the effort that goes into the calculations behind the reels – much of the immersion for which their games are known comes from the fact that many of their slots are complex and offer more than simply spinning the reels. While this won’t appeal to every player, there is definitely a market out there for it and if that sounds like your kind of action then Sheriff mobile casinos are definitely the place to go.

As the range grows, the conversion of some of their most popular online slots remains a definite priority. If you’ve played Spartania or The Amsterdam Masterplan online before then you’ll find faithful recreations at the mobile casinos too. They incorporate the same graphics and gameplay, although this can mean that you’ll want some pretty robust hardware to get the most out of them – the latest iPads, iPhones and Android devices are absolutely perfect, whereas older models of each may struggle a little and that hits the immersion. Nevertheless, the game selection is scheduled to grow as Sheriff is taking mobile casino gaming extremely seriously. More and more versions of roulette, blackjack and of course slots are slated for release in the near future and we’re pretty certain that the Sheriff Gaming range will continue to be particularly competitive.

Where to Play Sheriff Mobile Games

One reason why Sheriff has managed to maintain such decent market penetration among players is the fact that they are more than happy to share the spotlight with other manufacturers. This works out well for all involved – mobile casinos can entertain players with particular favourite games, players themselves have much more choice and Sheriff gets the kind of exposure that keeps them in business. A prime example of this is Vera&John mobile casino, which features the Sheriff Gaming range of mobile titles alongside familiar names like Net Entertainment, Microgaming, IGT and more. Indeed, unless you’re a diehard fan of Playtech mobile games you’ll find just about everything that you could possibly want at the casino.

As an alternative, you could also check out Leo Vegas Mobile. While the casino does not have the kind of big name that Vera&John boasts, it remains an extremely competitive choice and a great place to play in its own right. While only coming to prominence in 2012, the casino offers an eclectic mix of mobile games from Sheriff, NetEnt and more. You can find out all about both of these operators in detail within our mobile casino review section.