Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot

Good Girl, Bad Girl is not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue, although to be fair that has a lot to do with the fact that you don’t exactly see many commas in the name of mobile slots. Anyway, as awkward as the name is to type, it does give an insight into what this game is all about as it is basically concerned with angels and devils – and you can work out which of the girls is being influenced with which. The slot is part of the much vaunted 3D slots range from BetSoft, so we can be pretty sure of some great graphics – let’s see if the gameplay and features can bring it up to the level of the likes of Rook’s Revenge and Gladiator in the full review.

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What to Expect

The only slight criticism that we can level at the graphics on this game, or any other BetSoft 3D slot for that matter, is that the style does not change much. If you do not like their idea of cartoon graphics, then there are only slim pickings in the mobile range. Fortunately, we love it and it is out in full force here on this game as players look to profit from this pitched battle between good and evil.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Mobile SlotThere are technically only fifteen win lines on the game, but the first choice that the slot presents comes into play at this point, even before the reels get rolling. You can choose to side with the Good Girl on the board, which basically makes this a standard game where the focus is on the quantity of wins rather than the quality. Alternatively, with a single tap, you can join the dark side and play with the Bad Girl, who pays from right to left and sees wins that are less frequent, but generally bigger. If you would prefer to play things down the middle, you can do that too, and it is our favourite option as it not only balances things out in terms of the speed and size of prizes, but also sees Good Girl, Bad Girl becoming a slot game that pays both ways.

It is worth having a read through the extras on the game before making your decision, as they can play a crucial part in the outcome of any session, all starting with the wild cards. Both the halo and pitchfork symbols are wild, with the halo coming with a random multiplier or one or two times the regular prize value, and the pitchfork increasing this range to between one and four times. Already you can see why the initial choice of setup can make a massive difference!

We move on to a pick a win bonus and this one requires both a halo and a pitchfork to land next to each other. There are four rounds to this pick feature, with gifts on display in each, although if you hit ‘collect’ early then the round will end prematurely. If you have gone with the angelic side, then some boxes will be marked as safe – they will not necessarily boast the biggest prizes, but they will not contain the ‘collect’ symbol either.

After all this, there are still scatters on the reels which we have not yet discussed, and landing three of them in any position simultaneously will lead to the trigger of the money wheel. There are free spins, cash wins and even a couple of progressive jackpots on the wheel, although your choice of sides once again plays a part. This comes into play primarily through the fact that if you are on the evil side, a couple of zeroes are added to the wheel, making this one of the few mobile slots with a bonus wheel where you could potentially crap out completely. To compensate for this risk, the cash amounts that stand to be won are noticeably higher than when playing it safe on the side of good.

The Verdict

There is plenty to explore on Good Girl, Bad Girl and we would rather our readers try out the various game modes for themselves rather than us saying that one is better than the other. What we will say is that, through various parts of the game, the good side is the safer, more consistent one, while the bad one is for ‘high risk, high reward’ players. The progressive jackpots are not exactly a great reason to play this as they do not even get into the same ballpark as the prizes on offer on the likes of Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah, but as a total package, Good Girl, Bad Girl is not top tier in the BetSoft mobile range, but it is not a million miles away either.

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