Underwater themed slots are a staple of any modern mobile casino line-up. There is just something about the atmosphere of being submerged under the deep blue sea that keeps mobile players, and even those online, coming back for more. True to form, the vast majority of mobile casino software providers keep the slots coming, with each taking advantage of a bright blue background and all manner of fish and other marine life to represent the most significant pay-outs.

Indeed, Playtech is particularly prolific in the area of underwater mobile slots, with both Fish-O-Rama and Great Blue providing mobile players with a whole raft of opportunities for a mobile slots fix with different approaches. Of the two, Fish-O-Rama is clearly the more simple and is targeted at players that are looking to dive straight in to the action without spending much of their playing time configuring betting options and taking part in bonus rounds. Instead, the action is confined to the reels themselves with the objective being to match up different coloured fish symbols across the three reels.

If you have played any of Playtech’s most popular mobile slots previously then you will already be well aware of what Fish-O-Rama entails as it is based on the same sort of gameplay that is utilised both in the original Club Night game and the conversion of the wildly popular Chinese kitchen. As with Club Night, Fish-O-Rama is exclusively available on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android handsets and tablets and lends itself extremely handily to the touch screen control system.

As with both of the aforementioned games, Fish-O-Rama makes it as easy as possible to get started. Players are presented with the supremely unimposing choice of eight win lines, which are controlled using finger movements on the screen. Basically, an arrow designates where a win line can begin. Players can click the arrow itself to remove a line, or manually draw it back in with their finger to activate it. All active win lines are displayed whenever the reels themselves are not spinning, although we use the term ‘spin’ loosely.

When the player does click ‘Spin’, the reels do not do so in the common sense. Instead, the fish on the reels spring into life and swim off the screen. They are then replaced by symbols that swim in and arrange themselves on the reels. This is an extremely nice touch that adds to the immersion and in no way detracts from the gameplay as the process of swimming in and out takes no longer than conventional reels. What’s more, the ‘spinning’ of the reels is even accompanied by a Little Mermaid inspired soundtrack.

As always, Playtech has done away with the concept of “coin bets” on the Fish-O-Rama mobile slot, only using it to display potential prizes on the pay table. Instead, players can place a straight cash bet of between $0.01 and $1 on each of their chosen win lines.

The most valuable of the common symbols that players will be looking out for is the Shark, with three in a row paying out an impressive 1,000 coins. There is also the handy Swordfish symbol that is somewhat uncommon in style on Playtech’s simpler mobile slots. It effectively acts as a scatter, although it must appear on a valid win line to count. Players are paid out double their stake even if only a single Swordfish appears, increasing to two hundred times the relevant line bet for three in a row on a win line.

Players that are looking for a simple but enjoyable mobile slot are advised to give Fish-O-Rama a try. You can test it out at the Casino.com Mobile Casino as each of their games is available to try for free. Of course, if you enjoy it then you will want to move on to the real thing and, helpfully, Casino.com is also our casino of choice for mobile Playtech games.