The excitement of playing on an online roulette table is further increased when you add realistic playing sounds from a real casino; this you’ll discover when playing European Roulette Gold on your mobile device at All Slots Mobile Casino. In addition, this mobile casino game has special features that will increase your play experience and possibly your winnings! Add to all this the superb graphics in full HD quality displayed on high-end smartphones and tablets – iPhone 4, 4G, 5 or iPad models, Android 4.x.x devices – and your enjoyment at playing this almost-realistic game will simply be beyond belief.

mobile european rouletteSpecial Features

This exceptional roulette game lets you make more betting options from its two special features when Expert mode is selected: Call Bet and Neighbour Bet.

Call Bet is a pre-defined group of bets that places chips automatically on the selected numbers on the table at the same time. Although this type of bet requires placing more chips, it’s also a great way to increase your chances of winning without the stress of selecting your own numbers.

Neighbour Bet, when selected, allows you to place a single bet (also known as a straight up bet) on the table that automatically selects (by default) the two numbers on either side of the number on the roulette wheel (not on the table). The default can be changed from 2 to a higher number to increase the selection of numbers.

Playing European Roulette Gold

You’ll find that the rules are basically the same as a regular version of online European Roulette. If you consider yourself as an expert player, select Expert mode to use the two special features. You select the chip size when placing a bet, but you have the option to place bets on a larger variety of numbers without really selecting each individual number. Of course, you have the usual place options, such as on odd or even numbers, all black or all red numbers, and so on. Betting on more numbers is one way to increase your chances of winning, and you could hit a win with better odds much quicker. It’s all a matter of your own playing skills and luck of the game!

Keep the Ball Rolling

Go to All Slots Mobile Casino on your mobile device to keep up your game skills at the roulette table – you don’t have to remain static to enjoy the thrill of the ball spinning round the wheel! Just do it wherever you are from your smartphone or tablet; enjoy this great featured European roulette game on the move, anytime, anywhere.