This fun mobile video poker game is suitable for novices and experienced poker strategists alike. Deuces Wild video poker at All Slots Mobile Casino brings an exciting feature into your poker game – four deuces that act as wild cards, increasing your chances to win and enlarging your bankroll at the same time! Superb graphics in full HD quality displayed on state-of-the-art Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone 4/4S and iPad will enhance your enjoyment even more.

Up Your Game – Play Your Deuces

As there are four deuces (card denomination 2) acting as wild cards, you’ll soon realise that they’re popping up all over your game. Select and hold any deuce in play by tapping on the card to try and complete a winning poker hand, such as four of a kind, a straight flush, three of a kind, and so on.

Playing Deuces Wild

Go to All Slots Mobile Casino and open the game on your Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. This mobile video poker game uses a standard deck of 52 cards shuffled before each game. Tap the plus or minus button to select your coin value, then tap on one of the five paylines to select the number of coins played. Play five coins at once to win a whopping 4000 coins for a natural royal flush. Tap “Deal” to start the game and receive 5 cards, all displayed face upwards. Remember – deuces are wild cards! Make sure you tap on them to hold them in the hand. This is where your strategy kicks in –decide which cards to hold and which to discard. Tap “Draw” to replace any cards you chose not to hold, and complete the game.

Even when you win, the game’s not over. Tap “Collect” to add your win to your balance or tap “Double” to try to double your win. Five new cards will be played by the dealer, with one card facing up. The aim here is to select one of the four remaining cards to reveal a card higher than the dealer’s card. It’s higher? You’ve doubled your win and can even double up again. Lower? Then you lose the bet and return to the main game screen. So what’s your strategy? Go for a natural royal flush (without using a wild card) for maximum returns, or a minimum payout with three cards of the same type. Utilize up to four wild cards to pave your way to winning hands.

Mobile Your Game

Keep your game mobile wherever you are: during work breaks, travelling or just lounging around. Needless to state the obvious – your smartphone, tablet or iPhone/iPad is always with you; who can go anywhere without it? So just go to All Slots Mobile Casino and use your fun time to get in a few more chances to experience Deuces Wild video poker in superb HP graphics quality on your mobile. There’s also no harm in building up your bankroll at the same time, is there?