If you think the “social gaming” craze has only gripped people who want to harvest fields, tend farm animals or ask their friends for items in order to complete tasks, think again. In recent months, a whole slew of free-to-play casinos have made their way onto social websites, primarily Facebook, proving that the “social gaming” phenomenon is not just a fad, but a long-term trend that’s spreading out across a variety of gaming genres.

Among these latest offerings on Facebook is ClickFun Casino, which since its launch not too long ago already has managed to gather well over 1.2 million “likes” and more than a quarter of a million active players. Emulating the success of commercial online and mobile casinos, ClickFun Casino foremost focusses on providing its fans with a broad array of proprietary video slot games, among them titles like “Alley Cats”, “Gypsy Queen”, “Snow Honeys” and “Stash of the Titans”. Additionally, special editions are released from time to time to mark occasions like Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

ClickFun Casino

The premise for all games is that they can be played for free, with ClickFun Casino largely following the same procedures that have long been established by other Facebook social games. New players are required to install the ClickFun Casino app via their Facebook account. They are then furnished with a certain amount of virtual coins that they can use to place their bets on any of the offered games. Coins refill over time (usually hourly), so occasional players will never deplete their “bankroll”. However, additional coins can be purchased for real money, with ClickFun Casino often offering serious discounts.

Gameplay as such is as straightforward as can be and punters already familiar with online video slots should find the exercise easy as pie. Depending on the game, punters choose how many of the available pay lines they’d like to activate and decide how much of their virtual bankroll they want to bet. Winnings are calculated according to the symbol combinations that show during each spin, and ClickFun Casino’s games come with all the features that can be found in “regular” video slots: wild symbols, free spins, bonus rounds, gambling risk and much more. Leveling-up in any game either unlocks additional pay lines or other games – or both.

The achieved winnings are of course also paid out as virtual coins, meaning that they cannot be exchanged for cash. But then again, ClickFun Casino is not set up as a money-spinning venture and its games should be played just for fun. However, especially for newbies to video slot gambling, the casino provides them with an

excellent opportunity to hone their skills before they perhaps move on to a real-money online or mobile casinos. But also for seasoned veterans ClickFun Casino is a terrific way to relax and enjoy video slot games with creative themes and wonderful graphics without having to worry that they need to put their last shirt on the line.

In an effort to expand its coverage and fan base, ClickFun Casino also has just released a stand-alone app for all iOS-powered mobile devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.). Once installed, ClickFun Casino can be accessed directly without having to log on to Facebook. Still, if a player already has a ClickFun Casino account on Facebook, the iOS app is fully synchronised with it to the effect that one account balance and also all achievements are maintained across both platforms. We still recommend playing in real mobile casinos! For a full list of our reviewed providers, go to our mobile reviews page.