Chinese Kitchen will be a familiar name to players that have enjoyed online slots at Playtech casinos over the years as it was one of the games that launched the company into the mainstream. Having enjoyed considerable success and popularity at these online casinos, it then went on to become one of their flagship mobile titles, leading the way among slots on the mobile platform. Those that are fortunate enough to be familiar to the game will quickly find that it is highly faithful to the original online version, including making use of the same symbols and betting patterns, which we will cover in more detail later in the review.

The overall concept of Chinese Kitchen is something of a simple one, and no doubt allowed the game to be one of the first that new online slots players enjoyed upon joining one of the numerous Playtech casinos. It is played over three reels, just like classic pub and club slots, and has comparatively few win lines to play on – a modest eight in total. Each line can carry a maximum of one coin, each with a value of between $0.01 and $1. While this all sounds somewhat simple, it also made it the perfect game for mobile devices, as the action can be rendered clearly and concisely.

Another string to Playtech’s bow that makes Chinese Kitchen Mobile a perfect choice for slots on the move is that there are no bonus features to speak of. Many mobile players enjoy their favourite games on the bus or on a break, meaning that they want something that they can pick up and put down whenever necessary – after all, nobody wants to stop playing in the middle of a bonus round. Fortunately, there is not so much as a wild card on offer on Chinese Kitchen, with players winning their cash purely on the reels. Conversely, with the same pay out rates as other mobile casino games, this makes the wins come much thicker and faster with nothing set aside for a bonus game that appears at random.

One Playtech hallmark when it comes to converting existing online slot games for use on iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets is that they devote significant resources to making the game a hugely enjoyable touch screen experience. In the case of Chinese Kitchen, the game is designed for use in portrait mode across all devices, meaning that the border and usually ever present image of the Chinese Chef disappears. Instead, the focus is placed firmly on the reels themselves and the Turtle, Duck and Fish symbols that they contain, among other traditional Chinese delicacies. One of the standout features on the mobile version is the way in which players go about selecting their win lines. The game loads with all win lines in view, but players can simply use their finger to drag them off the reels. If they wish to add more lines, they simply click the arrow representing a win line and again draw it out on the reels using their finger. Other than this feature, players need only concern themselves with their line bet and the spin button, both of which are boldly displayed at the bottom of the screen, with their cash balance at the top.

It is undoubtedly the underlying simplicity of Chinese Kitchen that made it an ideal candidate for mobile conversion by the team at Playtech, but it offers a number of exclusive mobile casino features that players are sure to enjoy, even if the game itself is not necessarily feature packed. It was one of the titles that launched alongside Playtech’s latest mobile software platform and so is available at any mobile casino that makes use of it. Our recommendation in this regard is Mobile Casino, which is a highly impressive mobile casino in its own right and can arguably be considered one of the best Playtech mobile casinos in the world. Existing players can visit the mobile site from within their device’s web browser, while new mobile players can take advantage of their highly impressive signup bonus and get started on the Chinese Kitchen mobile slot almost immediately.