Go wild and get special high bonus payouts with this exciting video poker game at All Slots Mobile Casino. As you can see by its name, Bonus Deuces Wild video poker will put your skills and strategy to the test. Whether you’re a novice video poker player or an experienced player, it won’t take you long to realise your potential and increase your winnings with the help of up to 4 wild cards and high bonus payout wins for certain combinations. And you’ll really marvel at the superb graphics displayed in full HD quality that you would only expect from your state-of-the-art mobile device, whether you’re gaming on one of the latest Android smartphones or tablets, or iPhone 4/4S or iPad (all versions).

mobile Bonus Deuces Wild video poker

What’s In a Name?

In this game there is really plenty! You not only have the chance to play up to four wild cards – deuces (card denomination 2) – but also win special high bonus payouts. Use these wild cards to create winning hands such as four, or even five cards of the same kind. A royal flush can be won without a wild card (natural) for the highest payout up to 5000 credits, or include a wild card for a special wild royal flush win for another great bonus payout.

Playing Bonus Deuces Wild

Think wild – think deuce! The game is played with a standard, single deck of 52 cards, shuffled prior to starting each game. Select a coin value and the payout line, then tap Deal to start the game. Five cards are dealt face up; tap on any card to hold then tap Draw. A winning combination is highlighted in the payout table. Four cards with denomination 2, namely deuce, are regarded as wild; when dealt in your hand, use them to enhance your chances of winning those special high bonus payments. Also included is the double feature, giving you the chance to quickly notch up your winnings. After winning a hand, you can try to double your win amount or collect the bet and add it to your balance. Tap Double and the dealer will deal five new cards, face down. One card is revealed, and you just need to tap on any card to select a value higher than the displayed card. What could be easier? If you win, you can opt to double up again, and even again! Your bankroll will really be going places! Plan your strategy: go for the Royal Flush, or play it safe and hold three of a kind for a minimum win. Either way, this game could make you a winner.

Deuce up on Mobile

Put more excitement into your mobile video poker game experience and deuce up your Android smartphone, your iPhone or iPad by going to All Slots Mobile Casino now and playing Bonus Deuces Wild video poker. Coupled with great HD graphics, you’ll be amazed as to how you will enhance your poker gaming experience – and winnings – with those wild deuce cards and special bonus combinations.