Blackjack mobile version on the phone

Enjoy the convenience and fun of playing a great Blackjack game while on the go using your mobile device. Reckoned to be the most popular online game played today, Blackjack mobile is downloadable from All Slots Mobile Casino for your basic feature mobile phone or accessed via a Web link from your iPhone and iPhone 3G/3GS device. With great graphics and sound, mobile Blackjack lets you experience the feel of a lifelike game of a classic Blackjack table game.

Blackjack Android SmartphoneArguably the most favourite casino table game, enter the added excitement of playing mobile Blackjack on your mobile. Play the game and combine your strategy and skills with the chance of luck to win. Mobile Blackjack is not only a game of numbers but also a game of strategy. It’s you against the dealer – outplay the dealer’s hand and you’re going to be a winner!

The Aim of the Game

What is the aim of the game? 21. Don’t go past it. Stay within its boundaries. Take a stand and hope for the best. Employ your experience and play your strategy. Or simply go for broke and trust to luck!

How to Play

Mobile Blackjack is played with a single, standard deck of 52 cards, shuffled prior to the start of each game. After launching the game, select the amount you want to bet then press or tap Deal to get the game started. You are dealt two cards face up while the dealer is dealt a single card, also face up. Use your skill and judgment to make your next move. Your aim is to get as close as you can to 21 and not go “bust” by exceeding this number. An Ace plus a face card gives you or the dealer Blackjack 21 and can’t be beat. Press or tap Hit to receive another card, or select Stand to remain as you are. Take into account the value of the card dealt to the dealer and the cards that may be dealt; this is where your skill and experience comes into play.

Blackjack Payout and Rules

Winning with Blackjack pays out odds of 3 to 2 on your original bet. An ordinary win against the dealer pays out 1 to 1 on your original bet. When the dealer’s first card is an Ace or face card, you can take out insurance against the dealer getting Blackjack 21; a subsequent win by the dealer will pay you out odds of 2 to 1 on your original bet. When your two cards add up to 9, 10 or 11, use your experience by taking into account the card dealt to the dealer and select Double Down. This increases your possible winning amount by doubling the amount bet but with the proviso of receiving only one extra card. When the value of the dealer’s hand is 16, the dealer must continue and accept a new card. When the value is 17, the dealer must stand. And of course, going over 21 results in the dealer going bust and losing the game.

Be a Winner

Winning and staying on top of your game is up to you and your strategy. Mobile Blackjack from All Slots Mobile Casino will either excite your or frustrate you in trying to outwit the dealer, but coming out on top will definitely boost your ego (and of course your bankroll)!

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