The Blackberry in its most common format has been through numerous iterations over the years and hit various peaks and troughs in popularity in Australia. Like the rest of the world, it started out as primarily a business device before attracting more widespread, mainstream appeal among those looking for a reliable communications device, before waning in popularity somewhat in the face of competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Nevertheless, the Blackberry range remains an integral part of the Australian smartphone market.

Blackberry Casino Games - Royal VegasNaturally, whatever the device’s primary purpose for the user, they may well be interested in playing the latest and greatest mobile casino games on the device – especially if you are reading this article! The great news for players is that the Blackberry is somewhat unique among the mobile competition in that some models that are still in use today came out before current smartphones. In many ways, the age of the operating system and the nature of the device itself gives players even more choice when selecting a mobile casino to play at.

Rather than the cut and dried nature of Apple and Android devices, where software makers create a mobile casino game in HTML5 and expect it to work across all devices through the browser, only recent Blackberries have taken on such functionality. Those that do can therefore access both older and newer casino games for an unparalleled level of choice.

Playing at Blackberry Casinos in Australia

The key difference for mobile casino operators when catering to Blackberry owners is the interface of the games. Whereas modern smartphones – and also the latest Blackberries – offer touch screen functionality, the creators of the games had to build in functionality to allow players to control the games with the trademark keyboard and keypad. Fortunately, this did not prove too much of a difficulty for the designers, and players can enjoy all manner of pokies and other casino games regardless of how they choose to control it. Naturally, the touch screens of the most recent Blackberries are far more intuitive to control compared to the menu based systems associated with keys, but both sets of owners can get in on the act no matter which type of Blackberry they own.

Where to Play on your Blackberry

Again, the main decision as to where to play depends on the type of Blackberry that is being used. For those on older Blackberry devices without touch screen controls, Platinum Play Mobile Casino is one of the standout choices for Australian players. They put equal effort into attracting players on all manner of devices, and the Blackberry gaming experience is fluid and hugely enjoyable.

Alternatively, newer Blackberries with HTML5 support can take advantage of the types of mobile casino that we recommend to Aussie players using other devices. Royal Vegas Mobile Casino is a great place to start, as they offer the full range of Microgaming mobile casino titles, including the Mega Moolah progressive pokie and a wide range of other games.

Aussie fans of classic casino games are spoilt for choice, as both Microgaming and Playtech have ensured that the likes of mobile blackjack and mobile roulette work equally well across Blackberries of all ages. The only really noticeable difference is that the older models do not utilise high definition graphics, but it is the gameplay that counts and we are pleased to report that it is equally enjoyable across both platform styles.

Overall, your Blackberry mobile casino experience will vary depending on the age of the device. However, no matter what version of the Blackberry operating system is being used, there is an excellent range of pokies and other games at some of the biggest mobile casinos in Australia that will all work seamlessly on the Blackberry. The aforementioned Platinum Play Mobile Casino and Royal Vegas Mobile Casino are our main choices, and you can find out more about both, together with our other recommendations, in our dedicated mobile casino review section.