Bingo Bonanza is one of the exciting instant-win casino games that are available to Android users at All Slots Mobile Casino. It is designed for users of devices operating Android version 2.2 or greater, and with this comes excellent high definition graphics together with clear digital sound. Users of the Android for casino games will be pleased to learn that at Spin 3 powered mobile casinos, they can enjoy the games for fun or practice before placing real money bets. Additionally, all of the games for the Android are supported by the casino with around-the-clock customer service and support, secure and simple deposit options, as well as generous and exciting promotions, and terrific bonus offers for new and existing players.

Bingo Bonanza MobileHow to Play Bingo Bonanza

Many players choose not to play Bingo Bonanza for fun as it is such a simple game to understand, and simply play for real money from the start. Bingo Bonanza can be classified as neither Bingo nor Scratch cards but somewhere in the middle. Players are invited to place bets which can range in size from $0.50 up to $10 per bet. Once bets are placed, the player hits play and six balls are randomly churned out of the computer system. There are 20,000 balls in the Bingo Bonanza game, numbered 1-20,000. Players sit back and watch which six balls are churned out and if two of the balls match, then the player wins. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the value of the bet with the value of the matching number on the balls. If there are more than two sets of numbers that match then the highest amount is awarded.

Luck and Fun with the game

The Bingo Bonanza game is so simple and easy to play, making it fun and riveting at the same time. Players do not have to work out a great strategy on how to bet but they should conserve their budget in order to be able to play for as long as possible. In the Mobile Casino version, a random number generator is used to churn out the balls, to ensure that the choice of balls is totally at random and any win is based on luck alone. This adds to the excitement of the game in addition to making it an easy and speedy game to play on the move through any Android mobile device.