If you have clicked through to this page, chances are that you’re either a complete novice or a beginner when it comes to mobile casinos. Not to worry, though. Just like regular online casinos, mobile casinos have been designed to provide you with countless hours of relaxed entertainment (not to mention the opportunity of earning potentially large sums) and not to scare you to the bone. Since practically all available games are very user-friendly and easy to understand, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist either in order to indulge and while away some idle time. If you’ve already gathered some experience with online casinos, you will just breeze through mobile casinos, too, because in principle they work exactly the same way.

Your first step would of course be to identify a mobile casino that appeals to you and provides games that you’re interested in and perhaps already have played before. This is where Mobilecasino.net can assist you, as on the website you’ll find a line-up of the most popular mobile casinos together with short reviews detailing their strengths, weaknesses, available game varieties and more.

Because all listed casinos already do provide a mobile platform, you won’t need to check on that either. Most modern software platforms are compatible with a variety of mobile and smartphone devices, whether they may be Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or others. If against all odds it doesn’t work, your safest bet is to switch to a casino that’s powered by a platform developed by a leading software company, such as Microgaming’s Spin3 platform, for example.

Once you have selected your mobile casino, take some time to read up on its privacy policy, terms and conditions, as well as the security measures it has put in place. There usually should be no problem at all with any of the casinos introduced by Mobilecasino.net, because they’re very reputable and most of them have been around longer than you can shake a stick at; and with a very satisfied regular customer base to boot, of course.

It’s time to register an account. That is generally as easy as it gets, so don’t sweat it! Ever signed up to a website or an Internet-based forum or chat room? It’s pretty much the same procedure here. You are asked to supply (via secure encryption, of course) some details about yourself, such as your name, address, email and so on. Age verification will usually follow. It’s a good thing, too, because respectable casinos don’t want minors to sign up and gamble away dad’s life savings.

To play games on your mobile device you might now need to download and install some software (i.e. the platform) that is generally provided free of charge. The excellent news is that this is not always the case, though. For instance, if you are the proud owner of a sophisticated smartphone, you can often play online directly in your regular Internet browser and without the need of installing any software whatsoever.

When you are registered, check out some of the games you fancy. You’ll find that many can be played for free using virtual money provided by the casino. If available, use that ‘fun mode’ (or whatever the respective casino may call it) exhaustively in order to familiarise yourself with the chosen game. It’s a great way to practice your skills and your strategy. But don’t celebrate prematurely as you see your winnings accumulate. It’s ‘fun mode’, remember? That means, you’re provided with free virtual funds to place bets, but likewise the winnings you’ve raked in remain just that – virtual – and you cannot withdraw them. Bummer!

Having practiced enough, it is now perhaps time to deposit some real funds into your account. After all, gambling is only half the fun if you cannot cash out your winnings, right? To deposit funds it’s normally sufficient to supply a credit card number, its expiration date and the amount you wish to deposit, much like making a regular online purchase. But apart from credit card payments, many casinos nowadays provide additional payment options, ranging from online payment services (or “e-wallets”) such as PayPal, Moneybookers and Click2Pay to more traditional and old-fashioned methods like wire transfer through your house bank. The choice is yours.

When you do deposit funds, make certain to also check out the various bonus promotions most mobile casinos run on a regular basis. There are often match bonuses, which means the respective casino will match the amount you deposit with a corresponding amount that is additionally credited to your account, and which you can actually use to place real bets to earn real winnings!

All the above steps take only minutes to complete. Once you have padded your account, launch into full attack mode! Simply click on the game you want to challenge, wait until the interface has loaded, tweak the settings as desired, place your bet – and off you go! With a little luck you’ll be able to win hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, euros, pounds or in whichever currency the particular mobile casino operates. And all of this happens right there in your mobile or smart device while you’re trying to kill some time on the bus, train, airplane or sitting in your dentist’s waiting room. Fighting boredom has never been easier – or more profitable!