The iPad in many ways was one of the first minor revolutions in the overall changes to the landscape that mobile casino gaming has become. While many games were designed specifically for use on smartphones and the screens that go with them, the iPad took many developers by surprise and became something of a mobile casino gaming machine in its own right. Naturally, never ones to pass up an opportunity to appeal to as many potential players as possible, the developers of such games set about modifying their products to suit the new, larger display of the iPad while still offering the same great gameplay that players had become accustomed to.

All Slots iPad CasinoFew countries in the world allowed the iPad to see such success as Australia, where it rapidly became a must have gadget. Apple stores from Sydney to Melbourne see massive queues whenever a new version of the landmark tablet is released, and Aussie consumers have taken to the device like never before. Naturally, the combination of a thirst for the latest pokies in high definition and the penetration rates that the iPad has enjoyed make for a remarkable trend in the mobile casino gaming industry in the country.

What sets the iPad Apart When Playing at Mobile Casinos?

Some players would naturally expect that the iPad versions of their favourite mobile casino games would be just the same as those that they have been enjoying on their iPhones. To an extent this is true, particularly as many games are conversions of existing online titles. This means that symbols used and inherent gameplay mechanics do not leave much room for manoeuvre for the developers. However, the bigger screen does not necessarily mean just the same game but bigger.

The two major mobile casino software providers, Microgaming and Playtech, both have their own inherent approaches when it comes to appealing to iPad owners in Australia. Both share one thing in common: they make it their overall goal that their games work perfectly no matter the size of the screen. For development resource purposes, this often involves copying many aspects of the original iPhone versions of games, and in some cases the end result is simply, as expected, that the iPad version is identical to the iPhone version but larger. After all, it makes it easier for the companies to develop the games once and then allow them to scale to fit any screen size and resolution.

However, such is the impact of the iPad as a standalone mobile casino gaming device in Australia that companies have taken to creating games with the iPad being the main focus of attention. This means that players have more space to take in additional features, offering a far more pleasurable experience. Of course, the introduction of the iPad Mini meant that there was still a reasonable case for ensuring that games scaled to different screen sizes, but the devices are otherwise so similar that graphics and gameplay can remain untouched without any compromises being made on either iPad model.

Enjoying Mobile Casino Games on the iPad

One of the most attractive aspects of playing at mobile casinos on the iPad is that Aussie players can enjoy the best of both worlds. Naturally, they have access to all iPad exclusive games, but every single game developed for the iPhone will also work absolutely perfectly. This means that iPad players have access to the largest selection of mobile games around, from classics to specialist conversions.

Playtech casinos, such as Mobile Casino, utilise the same platform on the iPad as on the iPhone, meaning that players can enjoy the same games that they are used to but bigger. Fortunately, the games look great on either device, as they were each created with both the iPhone and iPad in mind, meaning no negative effects when playing on either. iPad users simply get the benefit of bigger symbols on pokies and larger touch screen areas to control the action – a welcome addition on many Playtech pokies as the games often rely on gestures and swiping.

Microgaming, on the other hand, have built in the same sort of platform as Playtech, but also started to release dedicated iPad games. Both the Tally Ho pokie and European Gold Roulette are recent additions and they are created in such a way that they can be enjoyed on an iPhone, but in a limited capacity compared to the iPad version. Screen size was a key factor in the development of both games, and those using an iPad can enjoy more detailed information on the screen, such as ball histories on the Roulette game. Of course, Aussie players can still enjoy the pokies and other games that they have come to know and love on their iPad, such as Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck. All of the Microgaming range, including the iPad exclusives, can be played at the likes of All Slots Mobile Casino and Royal Vegas Mobile Casino.

Where to Play on Your iPad

iPad compatibility is actually one of the deciding criteria in the casinos that we choose to recommend to our Australian readers, alongside a number of additional factors based on local demands and expectations. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find the greatest gameplay and features at every single one. If you need somewhere to start, then those casinos mentioned above are all ideal choices. They offer progressive pokies, themed pokies and all sorts of different games that are perfect for playing on the move. You can find out more about Mobile Casino, All Slots Mobile Casino and Royal Vegas Mobile Casino in our dedicated reviews section.

Now is the Time to Start Enjoying Mobile Casino Games on your iPad

Most prolific Aussie mobile casino players have already started enjoying their favourite games on their iPad and taking advantage of the benefits of a larger gaming screen. However, the recent release of exclusive iPad mobile casino games indicates that the industry may well start treating tablet gaming as a separate sector and developing new titles in such a way that players are almost expected to play them with the most amount of screen real estate possible. By snapping up an iPad as soon as possible, players in Australia will be primed and ready to take advantage of the latest developments in mobile casino gaming.