One of the major benefits that Android owners have had over recent years in Australia is that many developers have opted to create their games using the HTML5 programming language, ensuring that browsers across as many devices as possible can enjoy the games that they produce. Whether a specific software developer was targeting the Apple or Android ecosystems, users of both systems could be confident that whatever was available would work on their device. MobileHowever, Android has come into its own in Australia, with reports indicating that it is the operating system of choice for more than half of smartphone and tablet owners in the country. This has meant that developers have started to target Android customers in their own right with games, and subtle touches such as touch screen functionality and menu layouts are being designed with users of both systems in mind. The overall fact of the matter is that Android owners in Australia can enjoy the widest range of mobile casino games around, from pokies to table games and scratchies to video poker titles.

Getting Started at Android Mobile Casinos

The vast majority of mobile casino operators have opted to use the web based platform rather than specific apps when it comes to delivering mobile gaming experiences to players. This again ties in to cross platform functionality as noted above, as the browsers on both Android and iOS can render the same code in identical manners. This makes it more appealing than delivering casinos as apps as, while similar, there are differences between the languages and resources that go into each platform.

What this means for players is that the chances are that you can reach your favourite mobile casino simply by visiting their mobile website on your Android smartphone or tablet. Casinos that are based on the Playtech and Microgaming platforms both detect the user’s operating system and direct players to the most appropriate layout for their device. This can mean Android specific games and, in some cases, different gaming libraries for smartphones and tablets.

Playing at Android Mobile Casinos

The lobbies of mobile casinos that are accessed through the Android web browsers are designed in such a way that they are perfect for browsing on a touch screen. The relatively limited number of games when compared to full blown online casinos means that players can usually view the entire range with just a few swipes of the finger and get started at just the touch of a virtual button.

The games themselves load in the same browser window. While different games have different control schemes, both new and experienced Aussie players alike will quickly be able to get to grips with all of the pokies and other games that are on offer.

What to Play at Android Mobile Casinos

Aussie players that are using an Android smartphone or tablet are spoiled for choice when it comes to playing at mobile casinos. The driving factor for many operators when all of the basics are in place, such as Blackjack and Roulette, is to add a diverse range of pokies to the platform. Whether you enjoy progressive pokies or standalone versions of classic titles, the various mobile casinos from Playtech and Microgaming have something for everyone.

If you are indeed after some progressive pokie action, then Microgaming mobile casinos such as Royal Vegas Mobile Casino might well be the ideal destination. They offer progressive pokies such as Mega Moolah, with the mobile jackpot linked directly to the one used at the main online casino. Alternatively, Playtech fans can get their hands on just as juicy mobile progressive pokie prizes at Mobile Casino. Their main progressive pokie is Gold Rally and it offers the kind of classic experience that many Aussie players will have seen in pubs and clubs around the country.

Alternatively, there is an absolutely outstanding range of standalone pokies at Android mobile casinos from both developers. Microgaming’s standout titles include Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck – both based on the online classics, while Playtech casino players will find a mix of online conversions and dedicated mobile pokies.

Of course, there is also the aforementioned range of classic casino games at mobile casinos that use software from both developers. Each company’s rendition of mobile blackjack and mobile roulette is slightly different, but they both use the classic rules and offer an excellent mobile experience on your Android device.

Where to Play in Australia

If you are an Android device owner in Australia then you will probably be looking out for a few different things when making your decision about where to play. Taking into account factors such as local telephone support, a wide selection of Android games and the availability of the Australian dollar as a currency, we would not hesitate to recommend the mobile casinos mentioned previously on this page. This means Royal Vegas Mobile Casino for Microgaming fans, and Mobile Casino for Playtech players. Better yet, if you have never experienced either range of mobile casino games, you can by all means try both. Both mobile casinos offer an excellent range of bonuses and other promotions to make your mobile gaming budget stretch even further, offering players the perfect opportunity to become accustomed to the differences between each provider.