Mobile Casinos Building on Africa’s Gambling Culture

Gambling is a prevalent pastime throughout the world, but Africa is on a completely different level to many other regions. Naturally, such a large continent has diverse rules and regulations concerning online, mobile and land based gambling and two countries stand out among the rest as strong growth markets for mobile casino operators. South Africa and Nigeria are at opposite ends of the continent but share a passion for gambling that sees both being targeted by large international casino operators as growth markets.

One key factor in the appeal of both Nigeria and South Africa as leading mobile gaming markets is the fact that they share English as an official language. There is no denying the fact that the most well-known online casinos in the world originated in English speaking countries, and the fact that there is no language barrier to entering these markets means that many companies are pushing ahead with plans to expand into the area.

Another important note is that both countries share similarly liberal online gambling laws. South Africa’s regulation is among the most liberal in the world, while the Nigerian government expressly permits casino gambling while making some other forms of betting and wagering illegal. However, for the purposes of mobile casino operators, both countries are ripe for expansion.

Technological innovation and integration has long been considered something that has been holding Africa back in many ways, including the adoption of online gambling. However, many countries are rapidly catching up and many of the fastest growing economies in the world are now located in Africa. South Africa is already the largest economy on the continent, while Nigeria is far ahead of the world’s average gross domestic product growth figures. This has seen rapid adoption of smartphones and other mobile technology in both countries, supported by the fact that major carriers offer extensive 3g coverage across the region.

With no legal roadblocks to speak of, international companies have been quick to introduce their mobile casino offerings to Africa. Mobile, for example, offers a dedicated Nigerian site using US Dollars, while Casino Las Vegas Mobile even goes as far as accepting deposits and balances in South African Rand. This in itself is significant as it signals the guaranteed rise in popularity of mobile casinos in Africa as even huge markets such as China rarely see casinos offering the local currency.

Big brands and dedicated mobile casinos are already recognising the potential in Africa as one of the top mobile gaming destinations in the world. While it may be significantly different to what they may be used to throughout Europe, Asia and North America (Canada and US), many are already seeing the efforts that they have made to tailor their services to African markets paying off.

Here at, we also recognise the potential and pride ourselves on keeping African players fully up to date on the latest developments in the mobile gaming space for African readers.

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