is not your average, run-for-profit website. Rather, it is operated by a group of leisure gamblers, a venture born from an undying passion for checking out the newest online casinos and games; and yes, taking home quite a few bucks in the process.

As the name suggests, the people behind are particularly keen on exploring that latest phenomenon on the online casino front, mobile gambling. That is, putting to good use sophisticated gadgets like smartphones, iPhones/iPads and even regular mobile phones to enjoy a completely new gambling experience while on the go, and totally independent from desktops or laptop computers and Internet Cafés.

And since that merry bunch has discovered a whole new world during their endeavours, the idea of setting up a dedicated website to share their intrepid mobile gambling exploits with like-minded people was merely a natural step that had to ensue.

In this context, is so much more than just another online casino portal. Here you’ll find detailed, honest and objective reviews of the latest casinos jumping on the mobile gambling bandwagon next to uncompromising reviews on the merits (but also disadvantages) of new games.

Our group members tirelessly continue their sojourns, test slot machines, check out general casino features and services like customer support, payment options and – very important for any Internet gambler! – how consistent these casinos are in paying out accrued winnings.

All this is complemented by frequent industry news articles so visitors can always keep themselves abreast on the latest developments, including new platform and game releases, new players and new technologies.

If a casino, game or platform is featured on, it has been scrutinised by someone who should know best – an active gambler – and is thus worth being recommended. Casinos that defer pay-outs, maintain sluggish and indifferent customer support or fall short in any other aspect are not going to make it into our hand-picked list. If a particular game just gobbles up bets without providing a chance for fair winnings, you are going to read about it in a review.

In short: is a comprehensive, one-stop mobile casino resource created by gamblers for gamblers.


Slotty has been a vigorous slot machine player since the dawn of online casino gambling. He swears that he knows inside-and-out every single slot game that has ever dwelled in cyberspace and purports to have used every strategy and every trick there ever was. It is therefore not without reason that has assigned Slotty with the harrowing task of scrutinising each new slot machine that’s being released. His favourite quotes are: “Anybody who says that all slots are basically the same, doesn’t understand what they’re talking about.” and “If you can show me a slot machine that I haven’t played on yet, I’ll treat you to a free beer.”


We at often tease Michael with the nickname “Mr. Spin”, because his forte and passion are classical casino games, and foremost roulette. In the past, he has extensively toured practically all of Europe’s and Asia’s history-soaked, land-based casinos, but now finds it more comfortable to engage in his favourite pastime at online and – of course – mobile casinos. An extremely keen observer, Michael is an expert in identifying gameplay (or programming) flaws and he is, thus, entrusted with focusing his attention primarily on classic casino games. It’s sometimes a bit of a disappointing let-down to see him turn up in blue jeans and t-shirt when we half expect him to dress in dinner jacket or black-tie à la James Bond.


John has two principal passions in life, writing and gambling. This is of course the perfect combination for, because John is not only familiar with every aspect of online and mobile casinos and their line-ups of games, but is also able to eloquently wrap his hands-on gambling experiences into beautiful words in the form of reviews and articles. If only all journalists had as good a grasp of their chosen topics as John, the world would perhaps be spared a lot of the unqualified ramblings the media are showering upon us on a daily basis. Most of the news articles you find on our site are the product of John’s tireless efforts.