Poker, perhaps the most popular of all the casino games has many variations, and 3 Card Poker is a favourite at All Slots Mobile Casino. It is a really fun way to play poker and you can quickly and easily download the Java game on your basic feature phone.

mobile 3 card poker3 Card Poker is especially suited to the mobile device as it is a fast version of poker involving smaller hands with no additional drawing of cards. With sharp and colourful graphics and an easy to use format, 3 Card Poker is the perfect casino game wherever you may be.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker uses a standard 52 deck of cards that are shuffled before each game is played. 3 Card Poker is actually two games in one. There is the Pair Plus game as well as the Ante and Play. The player is able to choose to play either game separately or he may opt to play both of the games at the same time.

The game of Pair Plus is similar to the game of solitaire. The player is dealt three cards. If he receives a pair in the cards that he has been dealt, then he wins the hand. If the hand contains a straight, flush, three of a kind or a straight flush, he receives an even bigger reward.

mobile three card pokerIn the game of Ante and Play, the player is playing poker against the dealer. The cards that are dealt to the player are face up, while those dealt to the player are face down. The player has the option of either folding or playing. If he is to fold then he forfeits his bet, though if he chooses to play, then he doubles his bet. Once the player has chosen to play, the dealer will then reveal his cards. Whoever has the higher hand will be the winner.

To maximize both the fun and the winning potential, it is advisable to play the games of Pair Plus and Ante and Play together. In this way, the player combines the element of pure luck from the Pair Plus game, with the skill that is necessary in the Ante and Play game.

3 Card Poker Fun at All Slots Mobile Casino

3 Card Poker allows the player to turn his basic feature phone into an exciting and portable casino. Not only is the game of 3 Card Poker easy to play and follow it is also offers great odds of winning.

All Slots Mobile Casino provides the player with detailed instructions on how to play and in addition, the customer support centre is standing by 24/7 for any queries the player may have.